AB Polishing has been restoring and installing Terrazzo floors for over 20 years.

Our Terrazzo team of experts is top rate in the industry with extensive experience and expertise in working with all aspects of Terrazzo floors. The latest techniques and modern technologies are used at AB Polishing to ensure the beauty of the tiles is retained for years and years.

Terrazzo Polishing in Sydney

Terrazzo is a beautifully, interesting way to change up a floor but it should only be installed by a professional. We are the professionals in the field and have a deep understanding of Terrazzo Floors in Sydney. AB Polishing technicians are professionals you can count on to grind, polishing or install your Terrazzo floors to an optimal finish and quality that will surpass.

Terrazzo Installation

AB Polishing begins terrazzo installation by laying out strip to separate the different colours and patterns of the terrazzo floor.
Terrazzo flooring that dates back over 1500 years. The flooring typically lasts the life of the building.

Our expert technicians will consult with you to layout the exact design you desire. Once we’ve established the layout, we will then go to work choosing the correct aggregates and colour placement to ensure your exact needs are met. We then pour, grind and polish your floor, leaving you with a premium Terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo Grinding and Restoring

Terrazzo is all natural, only consisting of ballast (marble chips) mixed with cement and available in a variety of colours with many suitable options that will enhance your home or establishment.

Our grinding and polishing process means no coatings, sealers or waxes, ever. We provide comprehensive services including stain removal and patchwork at the most competitive price.

We take care of all repair work and all phases of the project. We make sure the end result of our job is spectacular, easy to maintain and mesmerizing.
The method used to grind needs to be advanced to optimal results. AB Polishing uses state of the art equipment.

Summary of Benefits

  • The cost to restore a Terrazzo floor versus the cost to replace the floor is a fraction of the installation cost
  • Restoring the floor adds beauty and comfort to the environment
  • Terrazzo can be dyed; therefore, it is possible to restore a floor with irreversible staining, creating a fresh new, uniform appearance.
  • Patchwork can be performed to create the original look of the Terrazzo.
  • Terrazzo can be strengthened for better protection and durability.
  • Restoring terrazzo floors means little maintenance.

Do’s and Don’ts of Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo does not require protection from daily wear and tear. It requires protection from absorption and stains. Do’s

  • When you have a spill on your Terrazzo floor, clean it up immediately
  • regularly clean surfaces and always rinse the floors thoroughly.
  • Always allow your neutral cleaner time to perform its magic, loosening its direct and debris.
  • Use door mats and runners and area rugs in the interior of the home and always place door mats at all exterior entrances. Each day, dust mop the floor daily to clean the floors of dust and grit t.
  • Use a water based acrylic sealer.


  • Do not wait to clean up spills.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners on the floor. Always use a cleaner designed for your Terrazzo floor.
  • Do not use general purpose cleaners, ammonia, bleach or vinegar.
  • Do not use alkaline cleaners.
  • Do not sue abrasives or scouring powders.
  • Do not use all-purpose sealers or waxes.
  • Do not use cheap sealers or cleaners.
  • Do not use vacuum cleaners.

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Terrazzo Strip and Seal is the process of removing the coating of old sealers and replacing it with a new one. AB Polishing Stone is the expert in Terrazzo Polishing in Sydney. We use advanced technology and modern techniques for the Terrazzo strip and seal.

Clean your Terrazzo tiles with a mild detergent and damp cloth to remove any superficial stains, dust or dirt.

Inspect your Terrazzo floor; if the texture has changed, the sheen or lustre of your tiles are gone or reduced, the colour has paled, then the quality of your floor has deteriorated. It is then time for you to get your terrazzo floor professionally polished, so that your floors can stun and impress again. AB Polishing stone is one of the leading providers for high-quality Terrazzo Polishing in Sydney. We deliver a competitive range of different polishing services so that your floors can always stay in prime condition.

A terrazzo area is measured by its width and height. Take a measuring tape and make a note of the width and height of the terrazzo-tiled area. You can provide these details to our experts and they will help you with a tentative cost for your terrazzo polishing. You can also ask our expert to visit your premise for a detailed inspection of your floor. 

The cost for polishing terrazzo tiles depends on several factors such as the condition, colour, and quality of the tiles, as well as the presence of stains, scratches, type of sealer used and etc. We can do an inspection of your floors to give you a quote. Get in touch with us today and ask our expert to visit your premises. 

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