Stone Polishing Job Requests In Sydney

  • I’m looking for a quote to grind, polish and seal a new concrete slab approx. 35msq.
  • Can you please supply quote to install approx. 80sqr/mtr Terrazzo tiles in Sydney?
  • We need some assistance with fixing some chips/blemishes in the topping of our polished concrete.
  • I would like you to help me about Concrete Grinding in Sydney because my concrete Flooring is high also concrete flooring is low and correct level please.
  • I want to polish my garage, 2 cars space garage, please give a quote for this job.
  • I would like to have a quote to resurface, strip, coat and seal our lobby at 25 Bligh Street in Sydney. Please contact me if you would look to arrange a site visit.
  • we are considering a polished cement floor for a new house in wentworth falls. It is approx 200 sqm in total,  but we wont be polishing bathrooms. No colour as such,  but we do want to see aggrigate. Are you able to provide a sqm meter price for this type of job?  It will help us undetstand if it fits the budget.
  • woud like quote of removal of tiles appx 53 sq.
  • Please quote on 50sqm concrete floor needing honing and sealing. Please advise on availability, time needed, sealer used and how many coats.
  • Would like to organise a site meeting to discuss a quote to polish a concrete floor located at one of our sites in Redfern.
  • Could I please have a rough quote for the following: 1 bedroom apartment in Forest Lodge – polish main room and bedroom (27 square meters).
    Carpet must be pulled up first – can this be accommodated for?
  • We have an existing concrete floor that is starting to crack, has stained terribly and we are looking for some rejuvenation options. Approx 50-55 square metres.
  • I am after a quote for polished concrete and grind and seal for 35sqm? Happy initially for a guide of your pricings per sqm.
  • Quote required for sealing, grinding and polishing.
  • The shop is opposite the hotel  near the round about see Tony Parrino (0438758696) the shop owner for access to see the concrete floor that needs to be ground and polished It is only about 5m x 5m so about 25m2 my contact details are as above Canavan Building Pty Ltd: Send quote to my email.
  • I need polish concrete for my new two houses.
  • I am renovating a shop, and the floor needs replacing. The old floor is tiles so I would like them lifted and replaced with polished concrete. The area is 80 square meters, and my budget is $5000. We are needing the job done asap, located in Liverpool 2170.
  • Commercial space, around 200sqm, looking to polish the concrete floors.
  • I am after a quote to get 32m2 of concrete polished. We do not want a really glossy finish and there are no kitchen areas. We have begun a renovation and the concrete slab that needs to be polished is complete. The builders are now building the frame and laying the blocks. When is the best time to polish the floor.
  • we have 2 houses next to each other with about 8 concrete steps and a landing each. They need few touchups and gap filling and concrete polishing done. Are you able to quote? We are in Waterloo.
  • We are needing a quote to repair a step   1170x290x35mm.
  • 1 square metre coffee table in 2 sections nnes the top repolishing.
  • I have exsisting concrete slabs under floors boards. Two looks that need to match. One from new slab and on from exsisting older part of home. Look forward to hearing from you.
  • I would a quote to polish my concrete floor 35sm.
  • pls call to discuss quoting to polish/seal 56sqm area entertaining concrete slab.
  • Do you do small residential jobs? I have a terazzo step that needs replacing. It adjoins tesselated tiles on a veranda but the step has chipped away and the reinforcing metal is exposed and rusted. It is an old house built in the 1920s.
  • Do you have a showroom available to see polished concrete samples?
  • We have approximately 45square Metres of sandstone flooring and require it sanded for a smoother finish, plus a good sealer applied. It is a trip hazard in its current state.
  • Could you please contact me to discuss concrete polishing for an indoor area.
  • we have a recently built home with a garage floor space of 6m by 6.4m which is coloured concrete (not sealed yet) and we have noticed the floor is not level.  The edges of the concrete where the foam is to separate the concrete from the wall looks terrible and we would like to know how much it would cost, lead time and any thing else about polished concrete the garage floor and if this will also fix the edge and level problem.  Would very much like to talk to someone about this?
  • Small laundry with a concrete floor covered with vinyl. We want to take up the vinyl and polish the concrete.  Small job about 5 sqm. Can you quote please?
  • Need my garage concrete slab grind and seal or polished with polyurethane or similar. Old slab approx 4x6m.
  • we have a large room with a concrete floor that we think we would like polished/sealed? Not sure if it can be done or what exactly to ask for! Can you please call at your earliest convenience?
  • We are looking at a project to upgrade the ground floor at Eastgate Shopping Centre with architectural terrazite. The area for upgrade is approx 800sqm. If this is a project you are interested in, please contact me
  • I have a property with a sandstone front wall. There are approx. 9-10 tiles needing repair or replacement.
  • wanting a quote for an office approx 40 square feet. Island work station. Located with an office complex. Would have to be a Friday evening.
  • we are exporter & manufacturer of ceramic digital wall tiles if you are interested to purchase contact us.
  • we’re looking to get a quote for concrete grinding, polishing, cleaning and sealing. If you could give me a call to organise a quote that would be great.
  • We have 107sqm of concrete which has been painted. How much to remove the paint and have the floor polished? Also, what would timeframe for the job be? How soon could we have this done?
  • quote to get concrete polishing on an existing property
  • We have a kitchen and living room that has polished concrete that has stained. I would like a quote to fix this problem
  • looking to get 2 bedrooms polished up as we have concrete under our carpet. Looking to get a quote.
  • Looking for a quote on clean, maintenance and resealing of courtyard approx 40sqm please.
  • would like to get a quote for Terrazzos to be laid in 3 room please.
  • I am looking for a team to do some marble polishing on a cruise ship in White Bay after a recent renovation. This works need to take place on the 19th and 20th June. Please contact me to discuss.
  • Quote as per phone call please confirm the day prior
  • currently looking for quotes to polish concrete for an area approx 90sqm. This would be for a new build in spring farm
  • Need to get a quote on grinding a concrete floor for a shop, and then sealing with a non-gloss (slip resistant) sealant.  Floor size is about 240m2.  Haven’t started the lease yet but can arrange a site visit with the Agent.  Give me a call or email with availability next week.
  • Will you be able to come in tomorrow?
  • Concrete polishing. Approx 150 sqm. Just wondering if you are able to give me a quote.
  • Our factory manufactures concrete cutting blade, concrete grinding and polishing pads, if your company is interested, feel free to contact us. We can offer you good quality products with competitive price. And we also accept OEM orders. Free samples can be sent for testing.
  • I have a coffee table with a white concrete top (purchased from Nick Scali). A plant has left water marks on the table which have stained the table with yellow spots. Is this something your team could take a look at and provide a quote to clean?
  • New Build front door sald 60 sq mtrs + Workshop 8.5sqm. approx. required 2-4 weeks.
  • I have an area of 54 square meters I would like a quote to get polished and sealed the concrete was put down on 6/11/2016.
  • I would like my polished concrete flooring BUFFED.  Can you do this service?  It is a hallway approx 1.4 x 14m.
  • I would like a quote to polish and seal marble floor in the bathroom.  The area is 2.5m x 4m.  Happy for you to quote without an inspection.
  • I have approximately 62 sq meters of floor to be polished, can you please advise on the price.
  • Need a quote on terrazzo.
  • We have 50 sqm slab – alfresco / back deck that is already concreted but we are looking at polished concrete.
  • Please call so I can arrange a quote.
  • Have a 5 broken terrazzo steps. Need someone to either replace or restore.
  • I have a small bathroom in my old apartment at Bondi Beach and I’d love to get the terrazzo floor there restored. Is this something you could do for me? Would love a quote.
  • Can you provide estimate / quote to clean, seal my marble kitchen bench.
  • We purchased the house and it has slate floors would like to update the floor though not sure if polished concrete would be suitable or replacing with tiles.  Would like someone to come and discuss options.
  • I own an apartment in Marrickville which is about 4 years old, and would like to enquire about the possibility of installing polished concrete flooring in the main living area (approximately 40 m2). Currently there is carpet on top of the existing 200mm concrete slab.I have had some preliminary discussions with our strata about the feasibility of having concrete floors installed – they don’t seem to have much experience with concrete flooring, but have indicated there would need to be some kind of soundproofing underlay between the existing slab and the screed layer to prevent sound reaching our neighbours below.Forgive my ignorance, but is a polished concrete install possible in an existing apartment such as this with soundproofing requirements? I have done some research on polished concrete products and related products such as Pangaea and Terrazzo, but am not sure if any of these are appropriate.Please let me know your thoughts, and if the work is feasible could you please provide a rough ballpark on cost (I understand you can’t give a formal quote without inspecting).
  • do you have a showroom. It seems not. It’s not clear how we can choose a terrazzo finish without seeing them in a showroom of some sort. Could you explain.
  • How much per square metre?
  • I am seeking a quote for concrete polishing for a new slab (yet to be laid) in Katoomba. About 80 sq metres.
  • I am looking for a concrete floor grinder to work on an area of about 10m2 which is out by about 1-3 mm for parquet floor laying.
  • need to cut slab to put in drains, easy access and need to cut to 14 cm dept.  Available most times
  • We have a project we need to provide a quote for.
    1. Grind several sections and provide a sealer – 180 sqm
    2. Grind and polish another separate section  90sqm
    can you please provide an estimated cost based on these figures. Once we are awarded the project we will then get a firm quote.
    At present there are materials on the floor so we cannot inspect all areas .Please call if you wish to discuss.
  • I’ll be starting my cafe fit-out in Potts Point soon and I need a quote on concrete polishing as well as some information on the process. The area is 22 square metres in a simple rectangular shape and the floor is currently covered in tiles. I’ll be installing a counter which will be island style (not attached to a wall) so chasing will be required for electrical and plumbing.- will the chasing present problems for you
    – will you back-fill the chasing or is that something that need to be done by me
    – is time for curing necessary
    – is there any other advise you have in regards to back-filling
    – how clean does the concrete need to be following removal of the tiles – do I need to remove all of the glue or is a rough scrape off sufficient
    – do you provide tile removal service (separate quote would be appreciated)
    – could you start the job in 1-4 weeks
    – how much would you charge
  • Terrazzo floor 4mts x 4 mts price.