Penrith Concrete Polishing

For Concrete, Marble and Stone solutions in Penrith, AB Polishing is Penrith’s established leader in the community.
AB Polishing has over 17 years of experience in all aspects of Concrete, Marble and Stone work, with highly rated tradesmen who utilise the best approaches and techniques to ensure quality craftsmanship. Our solutions are superior, and include:

• Terrazzo grinding, cleaning, sealing and restoring
• Tile grinding, cleaning, sealing and restoring
• Marble grinding, cleaning, sealing and restoring
• Sandstone grinding, cleaning, polishing, sealing and restoring
• Concrete grinding, cleaning polishing, sealing and restoring

When we perform a job, care and knowledge are upmost and longevity is always a focus.

Concrete Grinding and Polishing

With concrete, only the best approaches should be used. High quality equipment and techniques are necessary, and experience does matter. AB Polishing tradesmen are experts in all aspects of concrete, ensuring the quality of each job performed.

Marble Grinding and Polishing
Marks, stains and imperfections in marble stone must be removed in a gentle manner to ensure the quality, longevity and appearance of the marble stone. The right approach is essential. Special knowledge, care and equipment is also essential. AB Polishing are experts in marble grinding and polishing, ensuring the right approaches are used and a quality product is the result.

Stone Work

AB Polishing provides all types of stone services, including sandstone, terrazzo, limestone as well as all other types of tile and stone. Expertise is necessary in stone work, and special knowledge and care are crucial. Our tradesmen are skilled and experienced and use the best in product and equipment to ensure a high quality job.
For the best in Marble, Concrete and Tile solutions, contact AB Polishing. We are experts in the industry and serve all areas in Penrith with high quality Marble, Concrete, Tile and Stone work. Call us at 0418 605 225 for quality craftsmanship.

Call 0418 605 225

We Service the following suburbs around Penrith:

Cambridge Park, Castlereagh, Colyton, Cranebrook, Emu Plains, Erskine Park, Glenmore Park, Greendale, Kingswood, Leonay, Llandilo, Luddenham, Mulgoa, Orchard Hills Oxley Park, Regentivelle, Shanes Park, Silverdale, St Clair, St Marys, Wallacia, Warragamba, Werrington, Werrington County, Werrington Downs


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