Concrete floor looking rough around the edges?

Concrete Grinding Kogarah

If your concrete flooring looks like it has seen better days, contact AB Polishing Stone for our concrete grinding in Kogarah and surrounds. Concrete grinding is known to be the most effective way of reversing any damage your concrete flooring may have undergone, such as stains, scratches or other signs of damage.

Whether you have installed concrete flooring at your home, business or industrial site, AB Polishing Stone can assist with getting it looking brand new.

Ensure your concrete flooring complements your property and remains intact for years to come with AB Polishing Stone’s concrete grinding for Kogarah homes and businesses.

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Concrete Polishing

Before and after - concrete-sydney   before and after concrete 2-sydney

In addition to Kograh, we also provide services in: Hurstville, Banksmeadow, La Perouse and Maroubra

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