1. Will polishing take off the sealant from my stone?
yes. The processes used for your Stone Polishing will result in the removal of all coatings. It will give off the appearance of being brand new and will require resealing once honed.

2. Can a waxed floor be polished?
Wax is not suited to natural stone. If you use wax over stone, it gives off an imitated, artificial look. If you have a waxed floor it is recommended the wax be removed from the floor before polishing. If you want to protect your stone floor, use sealants especially designed for stone flooring.

3. Do I have to clean up after the stone is polished?
We use water for most of our processes to keep dust particles from flying elsewhere. ‘Polishing’ can also create a sludge-like mess, however, due to our state of the art equipment and expertise we ensure our customers have to go through no hassles once we finish up the polishing process.

4. Will grinding ruin the natural stone?
Grinding is used to refinish stone with a buffer to remove deep scratches. With our expertise in using the appropriate methods and tools, we ensure grinding of the highest caliber with minimal damage.

5. When should I seal my stone surfaces?
It depends on how much the surface is used, as well as which environment they are in. Stone surfaces that come in regular contact with water should be sealed every 12 months.

6. Does sealing mean no more maintenance?
Unfortunately, no. Sealing will only make your stone surface easier to clean and more resistant to scratches and marks that come with time. On unsealed stone, there is a danger of immediate staining.

7. My stone (marble / travertine / limestone) is sealed. Why does it still have marks on it?
Stone sealing protects the staining of stone. What looks like stains may actually be etches made by acids. Acids can dull the stone surface and leave a mark.

8. Can I get the shine back in my natural stone countertops or do I need to replace them?
You do not need to replace your countertops. If your natural stone has lost its shine, that means there is some sort of build-up covering it. Having your countertops polished should bring the shine back

9. What can I do about limestone flooring that looks worn out?
If regular maintenance procedures do not seem to be working anymore, it might need a complete restoration. We have experience in limestone grinding, which will make your floor look shiny and bright again.

10. Does my stone need polished finish or honed finish?
A Marble polished finish is glossy and will bring out the shine in the stone due to the polish reflecting light and its mirror-like qualities. A honed finish is a smooth finish that is more matte and velvety. The degree of honing will depend on the stone itself.