At AB Concrete Polishing Stone Sydney, we provide all aspects of CONCRETE Floor Polishing, Grinding, Cutting servicing clients across Sydney Metro areas for over 20 years. We have expertise and skill set of high calibre being No. 1 Concrete Stone Specialist with quality workmanship that will last for years.

AB Concrete Polishing Stone Sydney is Sydney’s specialist in Concrete flooring. We provide all aspects of concrete polishing, grinding and cutting services, serving residents and business owners across Sydney Metro areas for over 20 years. We are recognized in Sydney as a high quality flooring specialist with experience and expertise and excel in performance and skill with advanced techniques and state of the art equipment providing quality workmanship and affordable prices.


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Concrete Polishing

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Concrete floor polishing is a way to take an old, dull concrete floor to a high-lustre finish. Concrete polishing Sydney is not only a way to enhance your concrete floor, but a means to save money as the floor is polished and sealed, so you never have the need to cover the floor again. The procedure also removes all imperfections, marks and stains and leaves the concrete floor in a condition that is updated and new. Normal dust that accumulates from daily traffic is minimal, and clean up can easily be managed with a simple, light detergent. Concrete floors are popular in all types of establishments, including homes and require little maintenance. AB Polishing Sydney turns the surface of a concrete floor into a shiny, slip resistant surface that adds décor to the establishment. Colour can be matched to the interior’s décor. AB Polishing specialises in concrete polishing, just give us a call today to discuss your concrete flooring needs or to gather concrete polishing prices.

Concrete Grinding

Grinding concrete to achieve highly polished cement floors, driveways, sidewalks, patios and slabs are AB Polishing’s specialty. We take grind the concrete until all imperfections are no longer visible to achieve the highest quality in a cement floor. Concrete flooring grinding Sydney leaves your floor virtually maintenance free and gives the floor an attractive updated appearance.

We utilise state of the art machinery, tools and products to ensure the look of the concrete illuminates’ with its natural look and beauty. Your floor may require any of different grinding needs. • An AB Polishing Sydney expert will use a grinder with a vacuum attachment to minimize the mess created during the project. Different types of grinders include gas, electric and diesel. In choosing concrete grinder, your contractor will take weight and width into consideration. Or large jobs, a wider grinder will be used, as well as a lighter grinder. • Mess is minimized with the use of a vacuum attached to the grinder.

Concrete grinding is the quickest way fix your concrete flooring imperfections. AB Polishing fixes all types of damaged concrete floors, including crumbling, peeling, chipping, cracking and levelled floors and those with terrible looking finishes. Grinding concrete is an affordable way to repair and enhance the surface of your concrete flooring. If the most blemished or dull floor can completely be restored to new.
Today’s Concrete

Today’s concrete is no longer plain or Gray; the colour spectrum is wide and diverse with a variety of colours and stains to match any décor or design. AB Polishing can completely transform your old concrete floor with one simple concrete grinding, updating it to an entirely new look and finish.

Why Choose Us?

We are Sydney’s specialist in concrete flooring grinding and polishing. AB Polishing has over 17 years in the industry. Our equipment, products and technicians, are top of the line and our workmanship is unmatched within the industry. We serve many of Sydney’s well-established companies, including:

Concrete Polishing Sydney

• Some of our clients in Sydney NSW

• Oroton Factory Outlet- Surry Hills

• Wellcom Group Ltd Showroom

• Valore Cellars- Canley Heights

• University of Technology Sydney Restaurant

• Braeco Proects- Caringbah

• HD Construction- Warriewood

• Church Point, Wharf Project

• Warringah Building Service Projects

• Braza Restaurant- New Port

• Many Houses / Apartments

Concrete is a cost effective flooring and one that does offer appeal and convenience. Surfaces can be transformed into a spectrum of colours or the traditional concrete or gray colour. AB Polishing Sydney transforms your old, or new, concrete floor into an attractive high-gloss finish that never needs coatings or waxes.

Contact AB Polishing for concrete grinding / polishing prices today. We are Sydney’s specialists that provide concrete flooring services for all types of establishments and all sizes of jobs.

Some of our clients in Sydney NSW:

  • Oroton Factory Outlet- Surry Hills
  • Wellcom Group Ltd Showroom
  • Valore cellars- Canley Heights
  • University of Technology Sydney Restaraunt
  • Braeco Projects- Caringbah
  • HD Construction- Warriewood
  • Church Point, Wharf Project
  • Warringah Building services Projects
  • Braza restaraunt- New Port
  • many houses/ Appartments

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