The Importance for Concrete Polishing

Concrete is a popular choice in a flooring for both residential and commercial properties.  While the flooring is durable and one that offers a sophisticated look, polishing it to bring about a look that offers true brilliance in colour and texture.

Polishing Concrete

These days, Concrete Flooring is not just slabs of grey that are dim and dull.  Property owners have a choice of many different colours, shades and polishes that add a sophisticated look and feel to their establishment.

Once a popular choice due to being a practical and economical means in a flooring, today concrete is a popular choice due to the look and feel that advancements in the industry have brought about.  Polished concrete finishes a property, and does so in a manner that offers diversity, and is less costly to the budget.

Concrete flooring offers durability.  Once the concrete is polished, it will possess a glossy, smooth and shiny appearance and feel.  The look is one that is luxurious and one that does not entail a great deal of expense or time to keep up its appearance.  There is no extensive care, upkeep, refinishing, replacement or maintenance required.

The look is one that is achieved by finishing the concrete.  First, grinding down the surface of the concrete is completed which eliminates all unevenness of the concrete and results in a smooth finish.  A polishing machine is used in the polishing of the stone. Acid staining is another technique that is used to finish concrete and one that offers more intricate colours and designs to the concrete flooring.

If you are a property owner that has pulled up their carpet and find concrete underneath, refinishing the concrete is an economical option in a flooring.  Concrete is a popular choice in a flooring for many reasons, including:

  • It is dirt resistant 
  • The flooring is one that is easy to clean and requires little maintenance
  • No waxing or coating is needed 
  • The flooring is one that is slip resistant

These are just a few of the benefits of concrete flooring.

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The Benefits of Sandstone

Sandstone is a beautiful stone used in landscaping projects and one that not only adds real beauty to a property, but value, as well. The stone is attractive for driveways, patios, pathways and around swimming pools- basically, any exterior of the home. Its aesthetic features, its versatility and durability, make it a prime choice in landscaping stone among property owners.

A few benefits of sandstone as your choice in landscaping stone include:

• Sandstone comes in neutral tones, and the stone remains cools on the barefoot, which makes it ideal around swimming pools and walkways as it helps cool the heat. During winter, it is the opposite as sandstone radiates warmth in cold weather.

• Sandstone is a rustic stone and one that is fairly low maintenance.

• Sandstone can be sealed against the elements, allowing the stone to be resistant to corrosion and moisture.

• The stone retains its colour much longer than other landscaping stones that are continually exposed to environmental elements like the sun and changing weather conditions, as well as high traffic wear and tear.

• Should the sandstone pavers become damaged, they are fairly easy to replace

• Sandstone is available in a range of colours, allowing you to match your existing décor or have your choice of colour in décor.

• In the darker coloured sandstone like chocolate, auburn and deep brown, the stone contains a high quantity of iron oxide, allowing it to hide stains and marks.

• Light grey, cream, beige, and white sandstones will be riddled with red or purple lines that trace where water has entered the stone, making the stone quite interesting.

• The surface of pink and red sandstone has a non-slippery surface that is resistant to weathering.

• Sandstone is a stone that, when properly sealed and cared for will last a lifetime.

• Sandstone is available in a range of sizes, forms and shapes, so the stone can be utilised in any pathway design.

• Sandstone is used in both commercial and residential properties.

Sandstone Flooring

Because of the range of sandstone pavers, sandstone offers a great deal of versatility and functionality. The look of sandstone offers a luxurious and elegant look, enhancing the appearance of a property, as well as adding resell value and is a look that is timeless. The stone is a quality stone appropriate in every outdoor and indoor setting. It is a choice that is a choice of quality and looks and one that does add value to your property.

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Concrete Polishing & Flooring Sydney

Concrete floors are in! 

If someone told you to consider using Concrete Flooring in your home you’d probably cringe. Your mind would go to the basement where everything is cold and dark or perhaps the garage where you’d never walk without shoes, and you’d instantly push the thought to the back of your mind. However, if your thoughts about concrete flooring were of something that you’d never want on the inside of your home then it’s time to do your research. A quick Google images search for polished concrete floors will wow you. And no, the things that you will be seeing aren’t marvelously perfectly positioned tiles, they are indeed concrete floors. It was about time it happened. With concrete being such a cost effective means to floor your home, it was about time that someone put the art, the creativity and the design into concrete and made it something that you just simply can’t resist. The many designs that one can incorporate into concrete is phenomenal and it’s no wonder that more and more people are being drawn to this option as a means of flooring their homes. But beauty isn’t all when it comes to concrete flooring, there are indeed a large number of pros in sprucing up your flooring with concrete.

 So what exactly is polished concrete?

When it comes to the difference between regular concrete flooring, the one that makes you cringe, and Polished Concrete Flooring, the one that leaves you speechless, it’s the chemicals and the tools that make the difference. For polished concrete a chemical densifier is used to treat the concrete after which the grinding tools come into play to give it that perfect glossy look. And, because you’d like to match the colour scheme of your home and get something a bit more extravagant, you can have your concrete stained in pretty much any way imaginable.

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 Why you should get concrete flooring: 

The durability is unbelievable. It lasts long. This is one of the primary reasons that people opt for concrete flooring. There’s hardly any need to worry about your furniture destroying your flooring, or your ten dogs playing a little too much in the house, because concrete flooring can withstand it all.

Maintenance is a breeze.

Sure you’ll have to wipe your floors and clean up spills every once in a while. However, aside from the normal cleaning that everyone has to take on, concrete flooring is pretty low maintenance. If you’re not someone who has tones of furniture going in and out of their come on a daily basis, and you’re pretty strict about not allowing cars to drive in your home, then the maintenance you will need for your concrete flooring will be ridiculously low. You’ll be looking at having it waxed and sealed every nine to twelve months, and in some cases you can go more than a year without having to do anything to it.

 It’s the environmentally friendly flooring option.

Think about how your house was made and what the materials consisted of. Think about your flooring specifically. Before the tiles were put in, there was concrete and so underneath those tiles must be concrete. This means that wanting to convert your flooring to concrete will only require to remove the tiling and get it prettified. As a result there’s practically no new material necessary that you’ll need in order to have your flooring done, and the environment will thank you for it.

For all those home owners who currently have concrete flooring or have been convinced by its beauty to covert are going to need to get some polishing done. You’ll be in need of the exceptionally professional services of AB Polishing. Whether your flooring is made of concrete or Marble, Sandstone, Terrazzo or limestone, AB Polishing is who you are looking for. Your home will be looking spiffy and brand new once they have finished their work and you’ll be astonished by how quickly they did such an amazing job.  Don’t settle for less than affection.  Give AB Polishing a call today.


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