Why Opt For Concrete Tile Flooring?

Ever wondered why Concrete Flooring in Sydney is such a popular choice? People literally go bananas with getting the latest trend for their kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms. Let’s discuss a number of reasons why people are fascinated with this great concrete flooring options!

Reason #1 – Beauty

The first reason is that decorative “concrete tile flooring” is really beautiful. These tiles produce floors that give you the feel of centuries-old encaustic style floors found throughout Europe and beyond. Over recent decades, the manufacturing of concrete tile flooring has progressed leaps and bounds. Manufacturers can create custom floor designs based precisely on the colours selected by house owners.

The method of customising concrete tile flooring is a simple 3 step process:

1. Pick a design.
2. Select your colours.
3. And Ab Polishing Stone makes the flooring exactly up to your specification.

Reason #2 – It is Decorative

Most people combine the functionality of the tile with its decorative attributes while some people like to install solid colour concrete tile flooring. After all, flooring is an artwork. Interior designers love to organise surrounding decor items according to the colours displayed in concrete tiles.

If you have got a busy concrete tile design then you can pair it with simpler, clean lines of surrounding decor. Similarly, if you have got a busy room of decor, then pair it with simple designs of concrete tile flooring.

Reason #3 – It is easy to maintain

After the concrete tile flooring is installed, it needs to be sealed with a top quality floor sealer. Most customers are a fan of topical sealer because it is long lasting. A topical sealer is used to add a coat of abrasion resistance and to provide protection against UV rays as well. It is also great for sealing your grout lines. You get a concrete floor that requires little-to-no maintenance for many years as the end result.

Reason #4 – It is timeless

Concrete tile flooring is also known as encaustic tile and has been around for centuries. The encaustic tile was traditionally made from coloured clay. The tiles have morphed to be made from concrete and pigmented cement. Since clay wears down over use and foot traffic so the industry made the older encaustic tile even better!

Concrete tile flooring strides in commercial and residential spaces making it look like a timeless work of art.

Contact one of AB Polishing Stone specialists today if you are not sure what concrete tile flooring option is right for you. AB Polishing Stone offers reasonable prices so call now at 0418 605 225 or email us at info@abpolishingstone.com.au to get a quote today for your next home or building renovation project!

The Choice Of Concrete Flooring For Your Home

Concrete flooring is versatile, both visually as well as in terms of texture. This is the reason why concrete has become a favorite choice recently. AB Polishing Stone is concrete flooring specialist in Sydney. We have been providing our services of polishing, grinding and cutting for over 20 years. We will look at a few factors that suggest concrete flooring to be a matchless option for your home.

Concrete can be Colored

It is a misconception that concrete is just gray and cannot be painted. In fact, it can be customised in a variety of colors to match any decor or design. You can find different textures, colors and other options to create the look and style you want. AB Polishing Stone is known as an expert in updating your floor to a new look and finish according to your taste.


Concrete floor is a sustainable option once it is polished and sealed. You do not have to place new slabs frequently as the existing flooring can look refined once given finishing touches.

Easy Care

The ease of maintenance is incomparable with any other flooring option. The only maintenance required is mopping with clear or soapy water and you are good to go. No high maintenance is required apart from “polishing” once in a year to maintain the flawless texture and finish.


Natural Concrete Flooring is an economical option that lasts for many years. However, the price would increase if you choose to customise it in elaborated finishes such as stains and dyes that are popular nowadays.

Surface Quality

Concrete’s natural surface quality is such that you can play with its finish according to your own preference. It can be either be polished or given the colorful glossy effect which may appeal to you. No matter what your requirement is, concrete will capture the look and feel you would want. AB Polishing Stone is a reliable and leading name in transforming your old or new ‘concrete floor’ into an attractive high-gloss finish that never needs coatings or waxes.

Stain Resistant

Colored concrete, in particular, is more stain resistant and durable. You do not have to worry if there is a traffic of guests every time in your living room as you can easily spare yourself from stains.


Concrete flooring is expected to last for many years. Its natural finish is such that it adds value to the look of the room in its own unique way.

Need guidance for your home’s flooring in Sydney? AB Polishing Stone is just a call away. Call us at  0418 605 225 or email us at info@abpolishingstone.com.au for more details of our affordable and reliable flooring services.

Floors: Travertine vs. Marble

Planning to replace the flooring in your home? Installing new floors and can’t decide? Not sure what’s the difference in travertine and marble? Is travertine just a fancier word for marble? Too many questions, too little time!

But, don’t worry. In today’s weekly post, we will focus on explaining the different between the two of the most popular flooring options. On a short and quick note, both of them are alternative forms of limestone but have their own pros and cons. So, how about their cleaning process and maintenance headaches? Again, let’s not worry about anything and let the experts at AB Polishing explain everything to us.

1- Marble


You can recognize marble by its color pattern. It is vein-y, with streaks of color running through a solid color, usually white. The texture is smooth, usually with either a high gloss polished finish or satiny finish. Sometimes, it can have some shimmer in it. There is plenty of variety for marble.


It is a good option for flooring because it looks clean, practical and tasteful at the same time. It is a hard stone, therefore being a good choice for people with pets or children. To retain the marble, have the sealant on the tiles redone once a year or so. Marble will work in both hot and cool weather.


Loss of polish can occur when the marble has worn down. Marble is softer than, say, granite. Thus, shoe bottoms will act as sandpaper on the stone surface. You can reduce the wear and tear by keeping your floor mopped regularly. Walk-off mats can be placed at all entrances. If it is dull or lost its shine, it will need re-polishing.



It is usually quite visibly porous and gives off a more textured look. It can be sanded and sealed, making it smoother. It is a rather absorbent stone. Travertine is usually found in warmer colors, ranging from white or beige to gold or brown. There are usually slight variations in the pattern. It has a variety of finishes applicable to it, like being polished, honed or tumbled.


When travertine is sanded down and then sealed, it can be used as flooring. To seal it, it will require a couple of coats of sealant. This will prevent any harsh debris from spoiling the stone. If travertine is not sanded down, it can feel slightly rough on the feet. You can either apply a polished or a natural finish.


If they are sealed and smoothed, all they need is a damp cloth for cleaning. For long term, sealant application once a year should be enough. Travertine can last for many years if taken good care of. A polythene sheet can be installed over it to minimize water damage.

For both marble and travertine, costs will depend on the quality of the stone. Both of these are heavy stones. They will need a good initial seal to make them last as long as possible.

While maintaining both Marble and Travertine floors is not an easy task, the professionals at AB Polishing Stone can help you out with jobs such as Cleaning, Polishing, Sealing or Grinding. With 20 years of prior experience, we are certainly the best at what they do. Call now at 0418 605 225.

The Importance Of Quality Flooring

When building your dream home or renovating your existing home you’ll come up with a multitude of features that need to be added. In attempts to complete your home in a fashion that leaves you feeling proud with each second and each minute that your eyes come into contact with the different sections of your humble abode, you have got to ensure that each component is of the high standards that you expected. This, of course, does not start and stop with how a part of your home looks, the feel, the longevity and so much more play a role in how satisfied you will be with the end result. Unfortunately, flooring is something that often gets overlooked. Cupboards and cabinets, wall colour and the likes are often given priority and flooring is often left as a rush decision. This is something that you won’t want to do. You’ll want to ensure that you take into consideration each aspect of your home, ensuring that things fit together, creating unison once the job is done.

With flooring, there are a lot of options to be considered. From laminate to wood, tile to natural stone, there’s a lot to be considered. When it comes to deciding on flooring for the grander areas like the kitchen and the living room, natural stone is a very popular option and with good reason.

Easy on the eyes

Natural stone is very attracted provided it’s done right. Once everything has been put in place, a nice polishing can make an unimaginable difference, but a difference that you’ll wholly love. Whether you’ve incorporated or are considering incorporating concrete, marble, terrazzo or sandstone into your home, you’ll want to look into having your flooring polished. The sheen, the high gloss finish, the perfection, of polishing will have your flooring looking like something out of a magazine.

Made to last

But it’s not all about appearance, is it? Of course you’ll want the flooring in your home to look great but there’s also durability to be considered. Wasting mounts of cash on flooring that will need to be replaced on an annual or biannual basis is something you’ll want to stay away from and natural stone flooring is a good way to eliminate this need. These natural stones are seemingly timeless pieces provided they are given the care they need to stand strong year in and year out. As a result, outside of deciding on such materials for your flooring, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve also decided on a company to take care of your floor polishing whenever it needs to be done. Sticking with one company (the right floor polishing company) to polish your marble, sandstone, limestone or terrazzo flooring will give you the security in knowing that this company not only knows what they’re doing but also that they’ve grown accustomed to the flooring in your home.

Cost effective

In choosing a flooring option as durable as natural stone, you’ll be saving a great deal on repairs, fixes and amendments. Their durability means that a large number of years will pass with your flooring looking just as great as it did the moment it was put into your home. Natural stone won’t be as subjected to damage from pets, furniture etc and thus scratches are also something that you won’t have to worry about, especially not as much as when working with hardwood floors.

Prior to determining the type of natural stone you’d like to incorporate into your home, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration. Looking at your family and keeping in mind the amount of traffic that a certain room is expected to see on a daily basis will give you a good idea of what material to put in place. Rooms with high traffic, or rooms subject to having a lot of furniture pushed around the surface (like the dining room) should be completed with the most durable natural stones available.

Concrete Flooring is a great option for those looking for durability. Concrete Flooring is an option that should, by no means, be disregarded. Once thought of as bland and unattractive, concrete flooring has taken on a whole new light and with floor polishing companies able to transform concrete flooring into something spectacular, your home can truly be uplifted by this hard wearing material. High gloss finishes, as well as staining are just a few of the things that can be done in order to enhance the beauty of concrete flooring.

So the next time you’re working on a renovation project, be sure to weigh your options and ensure that the one decided on is one that will work well for you not only in the short term but also in the long run.

What Are The 3 Most Effective Ways To Care For Polished Concrete Floors?

My mom has always been a fan of concrete floors. I always wondered why wouldn’t she opt for something more “fun” like wood or tile. But, after living in a home with wooden floors, I realise how easily these “fun” floors lose their shine and tell the age of your house. With concrete floors, what you mostly need is a mop to make it shine all over again.

While considered to be a material suitable for sidewalks, concrete can be a stylish choice for indoor flooring as well. Concrete floors are extremely easy to clean and are very durable. They are also able to resist water when properly sealed, making it one of the best choices for play areas. The concrete surface absorbs heat to cut energy bills. Also, it works well with radiant heating.

In the recent years, homeowners have adopted polished concrete floors as the most popular flooring. Since they are really quick to install and cost very little as compared to other flooring options, they have become a popular choice. Concrete floors also don’t wear over the years and require minimal maintenance. You would see polished concrete only in public space years ago such as at the mall, or in office building lobbies etc. But, nowadays Concrete Flooring is a common sight in private residences as well.

Despite their durability, polished concrete floors still need the care to increase their life in the long run.

1. Establish a regular maintenance schedule

Cleaning your polished concrete floors regularly is an essential because minute particles of dust, sand and other debris can take their toll on the finish. This creates the sandpaper effect, which slowly ruins the finish, causing the concrete to lose its trademark smooth and shiny appearance.

2. Use the right tools and products to protect the finish

There are two methods of cleaning this type of flooring: Manual cleaning and Automatic cleaning equipment.

Manual cleaning

Floors are swept to remove dust and other debris using a dust mop, made of soft microfiber. Choose a pH neutral formulation if you plan to use a cleaner which can suspend the particles of soil for easier removal.

Cleaning with automatic equipment

Automatic floor scrubbers are equipped with pads that are soft and non-abrasive. Pads that are too hard cause itching and scratching on the floor, damaging the smooth finish of the polished concrete.

3. Avoid using damaging substances

You should never apply wax to a polished concrete floor. First off, if you apply wax, the wax will build up over time and will need to be removed, which will most likely result in a dull finish for the entire floor.

Degreasers and adhesive such as tapes should also be avoided because they are abrasive and when removed can also lead to discoloration of the finish. Acid based cleaners can cause etching and loss of gloss in the finish. Ensure that cleaners are labelled as a neutral pH balance.

Avoid contact with water for the first 3 days after the initial installation of the polished concrete flooring so the sealers will have time to properly cure.

Polished concrete floors are among the easiest type of flooring to look after and they look wonderful too. With proper care, polished concrete flooring can maintain their glossy appearance for several years.

<2 class="entry-title"> How to Care for Your Marble Countertops & Floor

The elegance of marble in a home is undeniable. Marble stone countertops and floors enrich any room in a home. While the stone is durable, it is delicate, and property owners must understand the proper care for marble.

Care includes daily care such as placing a coaster under a glass to avoid rings when a glass is set on the countertop and cleaning up spills immediately.

Cleaning Marble Countertops

As a porous surface, marble is susceptible to etching and staining. Etching happens when spills like

acidic liquids such as tomato sauce spill onto the countertop. If the spill is not immediately wiped up, the surface will begin to etch as the acid begins to eat away at the calcium carbonate in the stone. The result is a look that is dull, and one that creates rings or darker spots on the marble. The natural light and lighting in the room determine the visibility of the etching.

The most popular choice in marble finishes is honed and polished. Honed marble finishes do not show the etching as the marble is already etched. However, property owners with a polished marble finish (glossy surface) need to worry about etching as even cutting a lemon on the countertop or spaghetti splashing onto the countertops can cause etching. The difference in honed and polished marble is honed will stain more easily while polished marble will easily etch.

Many times water may be an adequate solution to wipe up countertops. But, most certainly property owners need to avoid the use of vinegar, cleaning solutions that contain acid and lemon juice to clean the countertops as damage can occur. The best cleaning solution for cleaning the counters is mild soap and water with a nonabrasive cloth or sponge. Do not depend on the solution for removing etching, as it will not.

Marble Flooring needs to be sealed, or you are opening yourself up to a world of trouble. Marble floors should be regularly vacuumed, swept and mopped using a mild soap and water with a nonabrasive cloth or mop. Avoiding all cleaning solutions containing acid is a must. For spot treating use a poultice paste spreading it onto the stained area and cover with plastic wrap and allow to dry for 12 to 24 hours. When dry, scrape the paste from the marble and wipe clean with a damp, nonabrasive sponge or cloth.

How to Find a Reputable Concrete Polisher in Sydney

A simple web search will show you there are plenty of businesses offering concrete polishing in the Sydney area. However, many of these either charge too much or don’t have the expertise to perform the work to the highest possible standard. At AB Polishing Stone we have maintained an excellent reputation for Concrete Polishing over 20 years. Here’s how to find a reputable concrete polisher in Sydney.

Look for Positive Feedback When Choosing a Concrete Polisher in Sydney

If you look on the internet you should be able to find testimonials for your chosen selection. AB Polishing Stone has positive reviews all over the web. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service which is reflected by what our customers have to say. This has helped us maintain our excellent reputation for 20 years so that we can continue to focus on customer satisfaction. You can compare us to other services around Sydney to ensure you use the best Concrete Polishing service for your floors.

Find a Highly Skilled Concrete Polisher in the Sydney Area

It requires a highly skilled concrete polisher in order to complete the floor to a high standard. At AB Polishing Stone we have a team of accomplished professional concrete polisher’s that keep their knowledge up to date to ensure you are getting the best in the business. We understand that technologies are constantly being updated and ensure all of our team are staying updated on new procedures and equipment. We are happy to share with you our knowledge to assure you that we are well practised and will complete your floor and it will look fantastic.

Sydney Concrete Polishers Should Offer you an Excellent Price

With AB Polishing Stone we are certain you will be getting great value for your money. We offer all of our customers’ cost effective solutions and you won’t find any surprises on your bill. We guarantee you the best price for your floor and take our customers satisfaction very seriously. We offer a range of packages to suit different budgets and requirements. Obtain a few different quotes to secure the best deal, however, ensure that the concrete polisher you choose is competent.


Finding a Reputable Concrete Polisher is easy if you ensure you seek recommendations for a great service. At AB Polishing Stone we are highly skilled and maintain high standards. We offer you affordable prices without compromising on quality. Check out our polished concrete floors and get a reasonable estimate from us at AB Polishing Stone today.

Why You Should Consider Concrete Polishing For Your Floor

You may be wondering why Concrete Polishing has gained so much popularity recently as a flooring choice. It’s versatile, durable and easy to maintain making it a great addition for both commercial and residential settings. To find out more about this flooring option contact AB Polishing Stone in Sydney. Here’s why you should consider concrete polishing for your floor.

It’s Affordable

Even though it looks luxurious you may be surprised at how cost effective it is. The prices range per square metre which means there is an option to suit anyone’s budget. In general, this type of flooring is quite reasonable in comparison to other options. There is also very little maintenance compared to other types of flooring making it cheaper in the long run.

Great for High Traffic

Floors are meant to be walked on and wish “Concrete Polished Floors they can take a lot of traffic. They are highly durable and can stay looking their best for up to ten years before needing any sort of treatment. There are different results that can be achieved. You may prefer a shinier more polished look, a matt finish or something in between. Have a shat with your Concrete Floor Installer and they will be able to work with you to get your desired results.

Easy to Maintain

Sweeping and mopping are as complicated as it gets to keep on top of your concrete flooring. Due to the sealant applied at the time of installing it won’t get marks or stains all over it. If you’ve used a reputable installer nothing is going to ruin its appearance. It will stay looking sensational for a long time. Later on down the track you may wish to get a reapplication of the sealant to get several more years out of it.

Concrete Floor Polishing

Great for Allergy Sufferers

For those who are prone to allergens, concrete flooring is the ideal flooring for them. Polished concrete floors are completely allergen free. The process doesn’t require any hazardous chemicals when preparing or installing. This is great for the environment, allergy sufferers, pets and children.

Quick and Easy

Once concrete floors are installed they can be used straightaway. This is great if you’re on a short timeframe to get into your home or commercial property. Other flooring requires several days before you step onto it. Make sure you don’t have to wait and opt for Concrete Polished Floors.

When considering your flooring options, concrete may be a contender as there are so many benefits. It’s cost-effective, perfect for high traffic areas and easy to look after. It won’t trigger allergies and can be used right away. If you are looking at Concrete Floor Polishing in Sydney get in touch with AB Polishing Stone.

The Benefit of Polishing Concrete in Sydney

Not only do polished floors look great and provide a quality look for a home but they also have practical benefits too. They are easy to maintain and make cleaning a breeze. For all of your concrete and Marble Polishing in Sydney contact AB Polishing Stone for premium quality. Here are the benefits of polishing concrete in Sydney.

Hard wearing floor surface

When you opt for concrete polishing in your home you are increasing the density of the surface. This is particular useful for floors as they are walked on daily. The process of concrete polishing increases the density and compression strength of the concrete floors. This makes them more resistant to scuffs and impacts.

 Easy Maintenance

Selecting Marble or Concrete polishing means you will never need to strip, re-coat or re-wax the surface. This makes ongoing costs minimal. When the concrete is polished the infiltration of oil and water amongst other substances is greatly reduced which in turn lowers the maintenance requirements. The process also gets rid of any dust or tire marks.

 Cleaning Is a Breeze

Basic mopping with a gentle cleaner is all that is required to keep the polished concrete or marble looking it’s best. You can also find cleaners and conditioners that are designed for this type of material which leaves behind a film that resists dirt. Keeping on top of this simple cleaning routine will help your polished concrete or marble look clean and shiny for many years to come.


 Improves Visibility

Part of the lure of concrete and marble polishing is the reflective nature of the surfaces. This not only looks great but can also increase the brightness of an area. If ambient lighting is used this can be boosted by 30% if concrete polishing has been used on the floors. Customers can opt for high gloss, semi-gloss or matte depending on their preferences.

 Cost Savings over Time

There are many flooring options; however, many of them require costly maintenance. Polished Concrete and Marble Flooring doesn’t require a lot of time or money to preserve which saves you money over time. Plus you aren’t required to put a lot of time or effort into sustaining it.

 Looks Great

It’s not only a practical flooring solution but is very pleasing to the eye. There are different finishes to appeal to different tastes. It works with varying styles and is timeless.

 Eliminate Dusting

Dust can be harmful and standard concrete floors produce a lot of dust. The process of polishing eradicates dust and removes the need to clean it off. By polishing you are making it easier to clean in the long run.

Polishing concrete and marble has many benefits including being a durable solution. It’s easy to maintain, clean and isn’t prone to dust. It looks great and improves the brightness of a space. It will save you plenty of money over time in maintenance and will continue to look good for many years to come. AB Polishing Stone will perform concrete or marble polishing to the highest standard in Sydney.

Considerations When Getting Floor Polishing Service

There are many Floor Polishing options for any home owner looking to have a clean, shiny and spotless floor. However, there are some things that you will need to put in mind before you do the actual polishing. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations that you should make.

Firstly, it’s important to know what options you have. This will put you in the best place to choose the one that will give you the highest value for your money. Basically, you have the following two options:

  • DIY solutions – These involve you doing the actual work of polishing the surface. You can rent the equipment and buy the solutions then do some reading on how it’s done and maybe you might be able to pull it off. However, unless you are looking to start a floor polishing business, this is very far from ideal because you will almost certainly have leftover solutions that might go to waste when not used in a long time. There is also a good chance that the finish will not be as good since most people are not very skilled in the field. Which brings us to the second option:
  • Hire a professional – This one involves hiring the services of an individual or company that is specialized in giving these services. This option is proven to give you good results even if you have no prior experience in floor polishing. The individual polisher might be cheaper, but a majority of them will be standalone businesses that are run by the owner. This means that there is likely to be a number of limitations like the lack of equipment for some floors or sometimes even busy schedules because the individual can only be at one place at any given time. However, the professional Floor Polishing Company is a much better bet than the others.

A very important factor to keep in mind when choosing how you are going to clean your floor is how fast the given floor gets dirty. If the home is frequently used by kids, it may be hard to keep it clean for long hence you may be better off just buying a polishing machine for yourself.


Considerations When Choosing the Service Provide

Once you have established the kind of service to use, you need to hit the marketplace and find the service provider to work with. These are the questions that you’ll need to ask:

  • How many years have they been in operation? This question is important because it will help determine if you can trust their experience with your home or office. Generally, you should pick a company that has been in operation for a reasonable amount of time.
  • Do they work on floors with your type of finish? From solid concrete to ceramic tiles and sometimes even wood, floors can be made from a number of materials. You need to be sure that they have the skills and equipment necessary to handle the work. Different materials need different procedures for polishing hence you need to be sure that they have what it takes.
  • Do they have flexible working schedules? This is mostly an option for people seeking floor polishing in offices. A floor polishing service should be able to work on weekends when the offices are not full of people. This eliminates the need for having to cancel some operations to have cleaning done.
  • Do they offer any extra services? Some floor polishing companies will also do some maintenance on the outdoor surface. In most cases, you will find that if you get the service as a package, you will get to save a reasonable amount of money. Asking them if they offer any such services will also give you an option to enjoy these savings.
  • Do they have photos of past jobs? This is a good way of gauging if they have what it takes to deliver the results promised. Good before and after images will be able to easily show the effect of the polishing on the different floors. This is also a good place to read a number of customer testimonials about the service delivery.
  • How does their pricing compare with the competition? Once you have received satisfactory solutions for the questions above, ask for a quote and see if it is reasonable for the services. If you have never sought these services before, you can ask for a quote from some of the closest competitors to get an idea of the reasonable amount for your floor.

After identifying the company to work with all that’s left is to prepare your home or office for cleaning. Having to re-do your Home or Office Floor is an expense you should never have to face. Go for professionals in the field like AB Polishing and you will not be disappointed.