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Floor Polishing Ashfield

AB Polishing Stone are the leading team near Ashfield for floor polishing and concrete grinding, having serviced the area for over 20 years. Although we specialise in concrete polishing, we also have the expertise care for marble, terrazzo, sandstone and tiles. Our state-of-the-art technology and skilled technicians will get your floor looking as good as new.

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Concrete Polishing

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Grinding away imperfections

Concrete Grinding Ashfield

Concrete grinding is an ideal way of freshening up your flooring, driveway, sidewalk or any other concrete surface. The team at AB Polishing Stone grind your concrete surfaces until all the scratches and imperfections have disappeared, allowing the natural style of the concrete to shine.

Our technicians use grinders with vacuum attachments to ensure the grinding process produces minimal mess. After your floor has been grinded, the look and feel of your home and business will be drastically improved.

Whether your flooring is chipped, crumbling, peeling, cracking or otherwise looking unlevel, AB Polishing Stone will be able to provide flawless concrete grinding to Ashfield homes and businesses.

In addition to Ashfield, we also provide services: Birchgrove, Balmain, Five Dock and Newtown.

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